Before we start it is important to point out that this column is not written by ExWHUEmployee but by a very well placed source whose feature is called “If I owned West Ham”.

If I owned the club, I would have hoped to have a striker by now.  I personally think we could have got Janssen, as he must know deep down he will be second choice at Spurs behind Kane.  However, we did not and Janssen has gone off to the dark side!  Therefore this column will not be about ‘what if’s’, but instead about who you could see coming to West Ham this window.

The main man at the moment is Bacca, but this transfer has gone on for weeks and weeks, which makes me think that we may be back-up for him.  There has been talk about him going to Spain, where he has played twice before and was very good.  However, Costa has handed in a transfer request today at Chelsea, maybe meaning Atletico will not need him and he will come to us! Personally I would love to see Bacca, for me he is one grade down from world class and has never failed in any league so far.  His record speaks masses to me, I have watched him throughout his career and he is really very talented!  He is one of the best poachers I’ve ever seen, therefore age shouldn’t be too much of a worry.  I belive the board know that Bacca is more of a short fix than a long term one, like Lacazette would have been.  I believe at this time it is what the club need, as we do not have champions league football, something we are close to, if you ask me!

If Bacca does not come, I think we need to look at people like Slimani, Mauro Icardi and Kévin Gameiro.  I have heard all three players would come, all for about 35 million euros.  Gameiro showed he can score in the Premier League, as he scored against Liverpool in Europe this year.  He got 16 goals in 31 games in La Liga last year and was great throughout their European campaign, with 8 goals in 9 games, although he is 29 years old and getting on a bit.  Someone a little younger is Icardi, he is only 23 and a superstar at Inter.  He has scored one goal in every 2 games since he was 20, again a fantastic striker in a very defensive league.  The one problem with Icardi, is there is talk that he is difficult in the changing room. Slimani is someone who could be a gamble, a gamble that could pay off or he could be a flop.  Slimani plays for Sporting and was fantastic this year scoring 27 goals in 33 games, with 7 assists as well, but once again he is 29 years old.  Slimani has only ever been 1 in 2 as well through his time in Portugal, therefore was this year a purple patch?

At West Ham I can’t see Sakho or Enner staying, I think it is just a waiting game as others come up with the money for them.  For me 15m+ for Sakho is great and although he has potential I can’t see him reaching it at West Ham, or maybe ever with his attitude!  It is clear he doesn’t want to be at West Ham, so for me it’s bye bye.  I want players who want to play for the club and he has also had his fair share of problems since he has been in England.  I think Enner also is someone who needs to go, he has had two years and has struggled to score in our league.  A possible replacement for both of these players could be Berahino.  If we did a swap deal I would be happy (although whether the board will be has been a talking point), or maybe Ben Yedder.  Berahino may be trouble, but I feel a fresh start could be good for him and he would have something to prove if he did come.  People are talking about Ben Yedder, however, for me he is not a 20 goal a season striker, although he would be an amazing back-up.  Someone else who has been talked about is Calleri, he is another gamble but Sullivan loves a South American!  This one could pay off if he can pull it off, as there are lots of top reports on him.

As always I hope you enjoyed my column and it will be very interesting to see what the board do with in the next few weeks…..I hope sooner rather than later.