I love supporting West Ham right now, it is the most exciting time that I can remember in my lifetime since perhaps the late 90’s.

How often in the past have West Ham fans been sweating over which star player(s) would be cashed in on? And how often have West Ham fans looked at the players that have been transferred into the club and felt frustrated at how poor the quality of those players was in comparison to the high fee paid for them?

Then there was the media, I don’t know about you but I had just about had a hat full of pundits and journo’s writing us off all the time. Predicting yet another relegation scrap, a struggle, an easy three points for the “bigger teams” and so on? I can never remember those people ever mentioning West Ham in a positive way; until now!

I’m a keen Talk Sport listener (other sports radio stations are available) and I also follow a lot of twitter accounts that report on all things football, as well as watching Sky Sports news when I can. Lately, whenever I hear West Ham’s name mentioned on any of these media sources, pundits and experts alike are full of praise and positivity.

Take the Colin Murray show’s recent club by club Premier League preview. When it came to speak about West Ham, Colin and Danny Murphy both spoke very highly about the transfer market, how well the Hammers have done to keep hold of the likes of Dimitri Payet, that the signings that have been brought in have obviously improved the squad, what a good bit of business Feghouli was for example, promising talent on a free transfer.

They also mentioned the stadium and how seemingly quickly the fans had taken to their new surroundings. And Slaven Bilic; how well he has managed the transition for the club so far, how attractive the type of football being played has been and will be to watch.

Everything West Ham right now is really positive. Great owners who do not sell star players anymore, a fantastic manager, a majestic and wonderful new stadium to watch some top quality players perform in. I literally cannot find any negatives (unless I divert onto the controversial topic of standing at games, which I will not do in this article).

Despite the media’s long overdue praise, despite all the greatness that has been and continues to be achieved both in the style of football being played and in the transfer market, if I log on to my twitter, all I can see is West Ham fans complaining.

The place is crawling with negativity. I would say (and I do not exaggerate) that on my timeline, 80% of the tweets I see about West Ham (from fans) are negative.

Frustration at not signing Bacca, not signing Lacazette, or God knows who else. A combined £30M has been spent on Payet and Ayew. One of them is being spoken about as one of Europe’s best players. Meanwhile Everton are splashing the same amount on a really overrated Crystal Palace winger.

Feghouli was brought in on a free. He is very talented and could do really well for the team this season. Then you have Håvard Nordtveit who for all his worth looks a top quality and comfortable addition to the midfield.

Add to this some really talented youths in Fletcher and Quina who join a really good youth team that includes hot prospects like Oxford and Burke who will form the spine of the club’s future superstars and you start seeing what a great summer West Ham have had in the transfer window.

Andy Carroll is fit for the first pre-season in a long time and he looks sharp.
Lanzini was signed this summer as well, he joins Payet, Feghouli, Tore, Antonio, Ayew, Carroll, Fletcher and Sakho in a front line that could terrorise any defence in the world.

West Ham have done nothing more than improve an already very strong and talented squad. The media and pundits can see this and call it a good thing. Yet all I can see is our own fans abusing the chairmen’s sons, abusing David Gold and generally moaning and groaning that Bacca wasn’t signed for £30M. What if he had and he flopped big time? What then?

Trust your manager, trust his scouts and the directors for so far, they have steered your club into a very good and enviable position. Stop being so ungrateful for what we have! This is the best West Ham (not just team but the whole club) I have witnessed in the 30 years I have supported them.

If Colin Murray and Danny Murphy can see it then why can’t you?