For those of you that didn’t get a chance to join in the Q&A session on the forum, here is a quick round-up of all ExWHUEmployee’s responses to your questions.

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Q – (From PedroObiang) Hi, are we still interested in Ante Coric of Zagreb?

A – There has been some interest in him and a couple of other younger Croatian players, because of Bilic’s obvious links.


Q – (From aldo2016) Ex, are we interested in bringing another striker in this window and if so does the depend on selling one of or both of Enner Valencia and Diafra Sakho?

A – If we can sell either of those players and they hope to sell both (Sakho more so out of the two), then I would imagine we will go for another forward yes. I still wouldn’t rule out Benteke myself.


Q – (From PedroObiang) What does Bilic see as Ayew’s best position?

A – I think he sees his best position as just behind the main forward. He will also be used on the wing and as the sole forward at times. It is this flexibility that mean he was more preferred over Bacca.


Q – (From Rozza56) Any idea who the midfielder Bilic has said we want to sign is?

A – There are a couple of potential ones at the moment, none are particularly close.


Q (From Rozza56) Is Valencia still for sale or has he gotten in to Bilic’s plans?

A He is still for sale, but they want almost what they paid for him and if they don’t get it they are in no rush to sell.


Q – (From matrixhammer) Hi ex, do you think the art of proper defending is now almost a thing of the past, seems to be a lack of real cb partnerships across Europe and the defending full back is now nowhere to be seen!

Hope we start with a real dm tomorrow, Nordtveit to start for me possibly at the expense of Kouyate (save for Europa game).

A – Yeah I think defending has been weakened a lot by rule changes, it is a different art now. I think both will play tomorrow.


Q – (From WHUFCZ) Hi Ex, I know you said on your radio show that we are happy with our forward options, but is there a chance that we are just looking for the best deal in the striker department?

A – I think if Sakho or Valencia went we would bring in another forward. It could be one of those deadline day last minute things and we have some very exciting news for the radio station for deadline day! You won’t get better!


Q – (From PedroObiang) Are any more youngsters going to go out on loan as the likes of Cullen and Pask are doing well?

A – Yes, Bilic and Henry etc very much believe this is the best policy for the youngsters. I think a couple more will go in the next few weeks.


Q – (From jloucas) Is there any truth to the Pereya links and if so are we close?

A – No this was being exaggerated elsewhere. We had an interest at the start of the window and should he be available for a possible loan move we would have been interested, but there has been no move for him recently.


Q – (From zippo) Do we have an option to buy Calleri?

A – It is a complicated one as his ownership is shared amongst different clubs. So I think we would have first “option” when the deal expires, but that is slightly different to having a fee already agreed.


Q – (From Rozza56) Will Masuaku start tomorrow?

A – I would think so yes, as he has been training fully with the squad and is at match fitness.


Q – (From Iron Reader) Hi Ex, do you think we will go in for Aboubakar of Porto?

A – This is someone that we have scouted a number of times and I mentioned his name at the start of the window as a target, but until Valencia and/or Sakho goes there won’t be any forward moves yet.


Q – (From Iron Reader) is Valencia definitely going to leave?

A – I can’t say either way, but the club want him to (although obviously this won’t be publically said).


Q – (From ChrisB) Hi Ex, are any more youngsters likely to join? Is there still interest in Tyrese Campbell? Also, is there any more news on another potential feeder club? Weren’t we linked with Bilic’s old club in Croatia a couple of months ago? Thanks.

A – Yes I think we may bring in one more, although interest in Campbell seems to have died down. Yes, we have had discussions with Bilic’s old club and it was getting close to being formalised.


Q – (From taptapboom) We need a forward, how is the situation looking? Who are the most likely candidates? Also will Antonio still be playing at RB?

A – It will depend on players leaving, but I have a sneaky feeling that Benteke will be approached if he is still available then. I don’t know the team for tomorrow, all I know is that it will be “very hard” for Chelsea to predict.


Q – (From JackRian27) Obviously Bilic ruled out Lacazette 100%, but there has been some other news from French reports since then…Is this just a load of rubbish?

A – Yep load of rubbish!


Q – (From taptapboom) Lacazette scored a hat trick today, will we go back in for him, even though Bilic has said otherwise?

A – I don’t think so now.


Q – (From Iron Reader) Do you think Sakho should change in attitude help him stay and sell only Valencia?

A – I think Sakho is the one the club most want to get rid of regardless of a change of attitude.


Q – (From WALDO81) To me looking from the outside looking in, has there been a little bit of a falling out at boardroom level about our transfer policy?

A – There has been some split decisions yes, although David Sullivan does most of the transfer business and has ultimate say.


Q – (From liamcheek11) Hi Ex, any truth to the apparent interest in Lorenzo insigne of Napoli?

A – I don’t think so no Liam.


Q – (From WALDO81) Is there any news or movement on transfers?

A – Some enquiries going in for players, but don’t think any are that close at the moment.


Q – (From Taptapboom) Has there been any approaches regarding Martin Odegaard?

A – We would be keen should he be available and willing to come to us, but I think there are a number of clubs that are interested in him.


Q – (From Taptapboom) Any chance we’d go for Burke of Nottingham forest?

A – Not at this point, no.



Q – (From Taptapboom) Can I go to bed?

A – Yes Ex.


Q – (From JackRian27) Is the news on the radio show on deadline day that you mentioned to do with transfers?

A – It is to do with the guest that we have on. We are going to do a 2-hour show, from 9pm to the closing at 11pm, with me and at least another guest on. You won’t want to be anywhere else on deadline day.


Q – (From zippo) Are we close to selling someone? Obiang?

A – Not at this point.


Q – (From Taptapboom) Any enquiries for Balotelli?

A – Nope, not at the moment.


Q – (From Kernow) Evening Ex, do you think Burke will be retained as cover or do you see him departing on loan again?

A – It is a tough one as Bilic wants to keep him, however Reece has said he wants to play regularly and he has 5 loan offers from Championship clubs in for him, so Bilic will need to convince him that he will get game time to keep him like he plans.


Q – (From aldo2016) Have there been any more bids or enquiries for Enner or Sakho recently?

A – No. Valencia’s were far off our evaluations and none for Sakho since he failed the medical and isn’t fit.


Q – (From taptapboom) What’s the thoughts within the club regarding our English players, will any of them get a look?

A – Yes they will. The English players, or those that were trained in England will have to be in the squad more now because of the regulations.