So I haven’t written one of these columns in a while. I have be using the traditional methods of twitter mainly and of course our radio show for sharing the news recently.   I felt it was time to do a little summary of what has been going on recently.

So let us start with the injury situation. I said on the radio show that both Nordveit and Payet had picked up injuries against Chelsea. Payet’s was from a Kante challenge which could have possibly seen him sent off the pitch. I am told it is unlikely that Payet will be fit to start against Bournemouth. I then said on my twitter that Kouyate was injured and he had picked this up in training out in Romania and then he appeared on the bench for the game. I have never seen such a reaction from so many people on twitter. I believe I had near to 25 people wanting to tell me how wrong I was and what a fraud I am. I personally do not get this mentality, surely if you have an issue with me you block me and then you don’t have to see any news.  Why these people are so determined for me to get something wrong is quite baffling and it does get tiresome.

To read all the abuse that Jack Sullivan also gets when trying to tell information as well it has made me question why I use the account which I have done many times before but for now things will stay as they are. Anyway to the trolls’ disappointment, as I tried to explain on the day, Kouyate was only on the bench because we didn’t actually have enough players to make up the numbers. It was far less eye catching to just sit him there with an ice pack on his thigh than admit we only had six subs. People questioned why Samuelsen wasn’t on the bench, he didn’t make the trip to Romania.

I have also heard devastating news that Andy Carroll may have also sustained an injury and is not likely to play tomorrow either and for quite a long time afterwards.   This has been said by two sources to me now and I am really really praying that it isn’t the case.   I trust my sources but I just hope they have got it wrong this time because this is beginning to be like a sick joke. It has therefore forced our hand in the transfer market.

So it looked like our window had pretty much ground to a halt but the Ayew and now potential Carroll situation has meant that we have started looking around frantically. The club knew that it was very unlikely to be able to reach a deal for Bony due to the fact that Chinese clubs were looking at him and we wouldn’t be able to match the ridiculous wages that they can offer. His agent then approached us and said that Manchester City would consider loaning him to us until his move to China takes place. This interest had been confirmed by three sources and it also appears that Hammers Chat had similar news that he was off to China. This deal works well for us as it would give us a proven Premier League forward until January when we can explore other options. Sakho would also be ready to sell then too so there may be a sizable budget for a new forward.  Bony would also be leaving to the African Nations in February so if it were a season long loan we would have lost him for those two months anyhow. Bony was extremely close to signing a few years ago but Big Sam preferred to sign Andy Carroll. I can confirm we are not interested in Bony’s teammate Joe Hart for a similar loan deal. The club believe that we already have two very good goalkeepers and therefore that position is not a priority.

Another forward which we broke about a month ago was Loic Remy. There is still some interest there as well and we may go for him or Zaza from Juventus if they are available on loan or for a reasonable fee.

There are other targets such as Vincent Aboubakar of Porto and Braithwaite of Toulouse who we could go back in for too.

A forward signing is likely to see Fletcher leaving for a loan spell to the Championship where a number of clubs have been interested.   Leeds are apparently one of those clubs alongside Norwich City but this does depend on us bringing someone in.

We are also exploring the option of signing Newcastle’s Daryl Janmaat on loan. Janmaat has been a target for a while before Bilic felt he could convert Antonio to a right back. As our Olympic Insider revealed back in May. Debuchy of Arsenal is someone who we could consider for a loan deal. The problem we have is that Bilic isn’t overly keen to sanction either of these deals. Bilic is convinced he has two good right backs already in Byram and Antonio and so is not that keen to bring in another.   The club also plan to see how the transfer window pans out and may make some late moves on transfer deadline day. The best place to hear what is going on will be our radio show on Phoenix 98 fm. SDCC, myself and special guest Jack Sullivan will be live from 9pm up until the window closes at 11 and we will be talking through deals as they happen and getting live up dates from Jack on our business.

People have asked me when Bilic will get a new deal and I was told this will be in January when a clear example of our performance this year can be measured.   The club want to see that last year was not a flash in the pan and we have improved this year until committing to a longer term arrangement.

The club are determined to make fans sit tomorrow. Until fans can prove that they can sit down and remain seated in the new stand our full capacity of 60k cannot be used and the ground cannot be extended to 66k in the next few years until our license is granted.

The Bournemouth game is now turning into a huge match and it is really important that we pick up a win as I can’t see us getting anything at Manchester City.  We do not want to go into the international break and end of the transfer window being bottom of the league. It could have a very damaging effect to our confidence.

One positive is that the Under 18s beat Tottenham today and have won both their games of the season so far.

Life is never dull as a West Ham fan.