Personal Information
Age: 21 years
Height: 5ft 8in
Positions : Attacking Midfielder
Nationality: Argentina
Current Team: Atletico Madrid
This week we have an exciting Argentinean Playmaker.
He is one of a few young stars at Atletico Madrid tipped for a very promising future.
Born in Rosario where many big name players such as Messi, Angel Di Maria emerged from…..Correa is another.
He signed from San Lorenzo Argentinean Division team and signed for Atletico Madrid in May 2014.
Correa recently played in the Rio Olympics with a recent signing Jonathan Calleri.
Style of play
Angel Correa is one of them attacking players that gets you off your seat and makes things happen.
He is not on Payet’s level yet but he is a similar player with his ability to open up defences with his passing and skill to jink past players and have a shot on goal.
He has tons of Flair, does the unexpected and defences will have to watch players ahead extra carefully with Correa’s vision to pick them out.
He is good for a striker or others ahead of him as he is capable of playing through balls with purpose between the lines.
He however needs to do this on a more consistent basis as his decision making is something he needs to improve along with his teamwork.
So when he is having bad days in front of goal he can be frustrating to watch.
If he wants to be anything like Payet, this should be number one on his list.
At this moment he is more on the greedy side but still young.
I believe he needs a strong manager to help him channel his ability more efficiently
I think he would suit an Arsenal type team if you asking what style of play he would fit into.
What I like about him the most is his ability to glide past players like they aren’t there.
When you have an Attacking midfielder like this its bound to create space unlocking defences.
He has dangerous shots from outside of the area, but needs to become more consistent with his finishing to become a more serious threat.
His movement is good, off the ball alert.
Maybe he could be a target for West Ham in future, a long term Payet replacement who knows?
Angel Correa is definitely one to watch.
Written by Richard Jones – via twitter @emagehtjr
STRENGTHS :  Technique – Passing – Dribbling – Agility – Movement – Flair
WEAKNESSES : Decision Making – Teamwork