Oi oi, it’s Evan from the West Ham way. Before I start this #WHUPresenter blog, I just want to say I got the idea from @hollseey to do this! Holly is a great character and I wish her all the best going for this job!

As you all know, I’ve been trying to land the job as the new presenter of West Ham United TV – something I’m sure deep down each and every single one of us would love to do! I’d like to take this time to thank you all again for voting for me. If I could come and thank you personally I would! It really would be a dream come true if it comes off and I’ve got every possible body part crossed.

Most of you know me as the face of TheWestHamWayTV and without you fans, we would be nothing. If you haven’t seen any of our stuff, you can check us out! After every home game I interview the fans, get raw, honest opinions and try to be the voice of reason 90% of the time (which after last night can be difficult, trust me!)

I just want to give you a little background on me, so you guys can know me a little better!

So basically I’m a West Ham fan, I’m just like you, your mum, dad, brother, weird uncle at parties who’s always drinking too much… I inherited this team from my dad, and already can’t wait to pass it on to my children! I really do have West Ham running through my veins, which is a little bit gutting as they changed the badge but alas, my tattoo of the old badge will always bring me happy memories of the fortress that is Upton Park!

8U0griYI.jpg large

Aside from that, I believe I was born to do this exact type of role. I’m an actor by day, got a degree in drama from Teesside, which is so far up north it may as well be Scotland (it’s in Middlesbrough) I’ve done my fair share of stand up comedy, which coincidently is how I got in contact with @ExWHUEmployee, he got me into the West Ham community and I really do appreciate it. So I’m a natural in front of camera and I get the best out of other people on there too!! I don’t think you can question my commitment to the team I love, and I fully challenge anyone to test my hammers knowledge! Love me some West Ham trivia! (Remember I’m 24, I won’t know what colour underpants Geoff Hurst wore on his debut).

If I do get hired by West Ham, you can expect me to bring a fantastic energy and level of banter to the videos that I think is much needed moving into our new home. I have some great ideas that I will pitch to them to make WHUTV the best thing since Carlton Cole. And I truly mean that!

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Obviously when you go for a job like this, with a video application, you get a lot of stick, but I had no idea I would get so much support from all of you guys, I was genuinely overwhelmed and like I said at the start, thank you so much for all of your support. I know if I get this #WHUPresenter job I WILL make you all proud.

So to wrap up, thank you again. Please do stop and chat to us after any West Ham game, love interacting with the fans! Thanks for reading. Come on you irons!



  • Peter Allen

    Great profile Evan, good read. So hope you are successful in getting the job. COYI.

  • Peter Smart

    Great Profile – good luck with the job! Nice photo of Harry!

  • Alfie

    Hi Evan, great read. Sounds to me like you are the man for the job. Good luck, I hope you are successful, and yes I have voted for you!

  • Elayne

    You have to be the only man (or woman) for the job!!

  • Joanne Farrant

    Good luck Evan! Nice pic Harry X

  • Evan

    Haha thank you guys so much! Really appreciate the feedback. Fingers crossed! COYI

  • Kathleen Lowry

    Great profile Evan. You deserve and are worthy of this opportunity. Good luck!

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