Interview with West Ham Goalkeeper Adrián San Miguel courtesy of @whufcbulletin

 We spoke to West Ham United goalkeeper Adrián last year and we asked him some questions.

Q: What are the differences between training under Bilic, and training under Allardyce?
Adrián: “They are different people and different types of manager, with different views of football. Allardyce is a traditional English manager with a lot of experience in the Premier League and he worked every day to make us strong and compact in defence and play direct and quick in attack, he was the person that gave me the opportunity to play here so I always will be grateful to him. On the other hand Bilic, our new manager, who always encourages us to keep the ball, and start playing from the back with possession and attack with a combination of quick passes, but of course we still need to be together and organised in defence.”

Q: How did you make it to where you are in the football world?

Adrián: “The football world is really difficult [to get into]. You have to work very hard every day and fight for your dreams. Sometimes you may have difficult moments which you must overcome. However there are also good times to enjoy too. But in my opinion the most important thing [to make it in the football world] is to be determined and never give up.”

Q: Which Premier League player have you known the longest?
Adrián: “I have some very good friends thanks to playing football. At West Ham I have a great relationships with the Latin players such as Enner, Mauro, Manu [Lanzini], and Pedro. But I also have a good friend playing for Arsenal, Joel Campbell, who used to play with me at Real Betis a few years ago.”
Q: What is it like living in London after living in Spain your whole life?
Adrián: “Living in London is really different. Firstly you realise that the weather is very cold in comparison to Seville, my home city. However London is a great city to enjoy and you find a lot of things to do in your free time.”
Q: How quickly did you settle in in London when you first arrived?
Adrián: “In the beginning it was hard because the language and the new way of living. But my team mates helped me a lot to adapt quickly to the team. Three seasons later I can say that I am enjoying the experience and I feel really well settled.”
Q: Growing up who was your boyhood hero?
Adrián: “I never had just one hero. When I was a child I always looked up to the best keepers at that time, such as Oliver Khan, Peter Schmeichel, and Buffon – I have always tried to learn from the best.”
Q: What interests do you have outside of football and how do you spend your free time?
Adrián: “While I was living in Seville I spent my time studying to be a Physical Trainer at University. But now when I have a day off I like to spend it with my friends and my family, but also like to play on my Playstation.”
Q: And Finally, What do you see yourself doing after your playing career?
Adrián: “I love football and for that reason I would like to become a goalkeeper coach or physical trainer after I retire.”
Many thanks to Adrián from those at WHUFC Bulletin for taking part in this interview.