This article is written by @mywhufc

Leading unto the palace game it’s not been the start to the season anyone probably would have imagined, well almost anyone, I admit that I wasn’t so confident with the changes the club were going through, but even I didn’t think it would be anything like this. When a point at home against Middlesbrough is seen as good then we must all admit that what went before that game wasn’t what is expected, yet the time is not to panic, the season is still young and just another 3 points against Sunderland to follow up from the 3 gained last Saturday will put a different reflection on our predicament.

Quite how it came to this is open for discussion in that many people have eluded to many different reasons, The move, The pitch, the fans off field disagreements so many reasons its literally take your pick time but for me one that hasn’t been picked up on is the signings made in the summer and I’m not talking about the quality.

I have long subscribed to the thinking that foreign players new to the Premier league should be allowed 6 months settling in period before really being judged, problem is that with today’s social media fan base they’re lucky to get 6 games let alone 6 months.

The Premier League has a reputation for fast paced football played at twice the pace of the continental style preferred by the French and Spanish leagues and when you watch the Italian league on a Sunday after watching a Premier league game you’ll struggle to stay awake with their slow paced defensive orientated style of play. Yet nearly all our signings in the summer have come from the continent and have been thrown in at the deep end going straight into first team action due to injuries and to loss of form of others so they haven’t been afforded a bedding in process and most have looked at times like rabbits startled in the headlights of an oncoming lorry about to squash them without noticing.

Nortveidt bought from Germany, looks slow and sluggish, but then most football I have watched played in the German top division is slow in its build up, possession football, if you have the ball then the opposition cant score against you style. His introduction to the Premier league has been sometimes in midfield sometimes in defence, problem is the outcome looked the same, it’s as if he is watching the game go past him.

Feghouli at least has pace so he has not looked too much out of place when he has been fit enough to play, but there’s something about him I just cant put my finger on, he reminds me of Julien Faubert, a player who often flattered to deceive in his time at the club. I think its the end product that he suffers from, yes he has the pace but if you cant then convert that into goalscoring opportunities its really not worth having. David Beckham was a winger with no pace, but he proved if your delivery is perfect you don’t need to beat the defender in front of you.