Personal Information
Suso Fernandez
Age: 23 years
Height: 5ft 9in
Positions : Right Inside forward/ Attacking Midfielder
Nationality: Spanish
Current Team: AC Milan
Born in Cadiz , Spain , Suso had many admirers before he signed for Liverpool   in 2010.
Rejecting Barcelona and Real Madrid along with other top clubs.
It never worked out at Liverpool for various reasons, in the end he moved on loan , then AC Milan signed him.
It’s clear to see what a talent he is after more first team exposure.
Style of play
Suso is an awesome player!
He is very good on the ball with high finishing ability and composure for an Attacking midfield player.
His long shots are top notch, great technical ability to strike balls very well….Great left foot.
On the ball he is very dangerous, drives forward beating players with ease, he has a very good change of direction and quick feet.
Suso is a player who I would absolutely take at West Ham, he is very unpredictable, creative and scores goals.
He would be a massive upgrade for us, he is always a consistent threat.
Opposition players swarm around him when on the ball because if he’s not contained he will unleash one of his powerful long shots.
Suso really is a dangerous player who West Ham fans would love! He has a very good work ethic with the ability.
He is has good passing skills, his longs shots and ability to make nothing situations into something good is what I love.
He has the vision to pick out runners well, very complete.
Suso will take games by the scuff of the neck and show bravery in attack.
Be sure to watch out for him!
Written by Richard Jones – via twitter @emagehtjr
STRENGTHS : Long Shots – Passing – Finishing – Agility – Dribbling
WEAKNESSES : Aerial duels