According to friend of the site @IronworkTours whom you can get a great day away match package from, Aaron Cresswell went in from training to day with a new potential injury.

During a session of two touch passing training, Cresswell went down holding his left ankle and was on the floor for sometime.  A couple of the coaching staff are said to have helped him into the changing rooms with no shoe on his foot.  Cresswell was clearly very dejected when being carried off. Reports also suggest that Antonio went in from training rubbing his groin but he stated to the crowd that he wasn’t injured and it was a precaution.

This injury news is fresh from the training ground (so therefore unconfirmed) and we hope that it is nothing serious! We will update when we have further news.  If you are looking for more positive news be sure to check out my column from today.

Since writing the article-Cresswell has said to the fans that it is nothing serious and he is 99% sure he will be fit for Swansea City.