This is written by Daisy Lowe @DaisyLoweX

Somehow Sunday night’s seem to feel so much better when West Ham have won, don’t they? Once again our boys pulled in a cracking result away from home and delivered a performance to be proud of.

I spent the Manchester City game with the Media team, and it will come as no surprise that morale was low at the end of the night. Sure, 4-0 is better than the previous 5-0 defeat, but funnily enough the players didn’t see it like that. Understandably many of the team quietly went home, but Jose Fonte impressed me greatly. He was polite, articulate, and insisted he spoke to press despite the disappointing result. I have heard from the training ground that he plays like a leader and is professional and hard working. I like how he plays, and I thought he was a massive credit to the team at Southampton. Fonte is a player I can see staying with us for a long time despite his age. A great signing.

I can’t talk about great signings without mentioning Robert Snodgrass. So far, to me, Snodgrass seems like a proper West Ham player. He has personality on and off the pitch. I have witnessed first hand his relationships with the club staff and he is very chatty making the effort to smile and say hello to everyone. You can tell he is happy to be here. At a time where the team dynamics were a little rocky, Snodgrass has livened the boys up again. I noticed both Carroll and Noble ran straight over to celebrate with him as soon as they had scored, proving how well he has settled in with the guys. Another great player that is working well with the team, and perfectly assisting goals.

I am so happy for Pedro Obiang and the way the fans are getting behind him. He finally has his own song, and Twitter has been going crazy with some supporters even saying he is their Hammer of the Year! Obiang is a kind and gentle character who has been quietly working hard whilst adjusting to life in London with his family. It has been reported that when he was first offered to move to West Ham, Obiang cried for fear of living away from his mother. In light of recent activities, it is very important we appreciate how patient and professional Obiang has always been. With a wife, a newborn baby, and the height of a giant, it is easy got forget he is just 24 years old! He is a strong, mature player, that I think with this new lease of life and support, will become one of our most influential players this season.

I’m feeling very confident about West Brom next Saturday and hoping we will create a similar atmosphere to our amazing Crystal Palace victory at the London Stadium. As always, don’t forget to start your match day at the East Ham Working Mans Club at our West Ham Way Pre-Match Event. Myself and my beautiful Bekka will be there waiting to meet you all with the legend that is John Moncur. Tickets are close to selling out so grab yours