Written by @WHU_Forever

Hello everyone, as this is my first time writing I would like to say what a pleasure it is to be writing for The West Ham Way and am grateful for the opportunity to express my opinion on such a well-established Fan site.

Bilic In or Bilic out? A question which has caused debate between West Ham fans all over social media. Following our form throughout the season it really isn’t a surprise. An early exit from Europe, followed by stadium issues, Payet and awful form has put serious question marks the man’s ability to take us to the next level.

Bilic has avoided a lot of stick because he is “proper West Ham” and I can understand people’s loyalty to him, after the highs we got from last season. Emotions running high last year, he delivered some truly unforgettable memories, and wrote his name in the history books. He got everything right last season. Tactics, transfers, and had everyone bang behind him. He has a lot of reasons to be offered another year in my opinion. Was he fully backed in the summer? Absolutely not. Cheap loans and missed targets impacted the season massively and had our season starting off in a frustrating manor. The Payet saga was handled with class, and really reunited the players and the fans, leading to us picking up important points. He looks to be securing Premier League football for another year despite all the difficulties.

But, is there more he could have done? Most definitely. It’s safe to say Bilic is a very suborn man who, when he has a plan in head will not change. We learnt the hard way that we desperately needed a Right Back, but Antonio was continued to be played there even when it was clear for all to see it was damaging him as a player. To make it worse, instead of buying a right back in the window, he decided to play Kouyate in RB. Kouyate being one of our most influential players in the midfield being wasted at RB. All this happening while we have a young, hardworking RB on the bench in Sam Byram, who must be devastated by the lack of game time he has been getting. I do think we have better options in the midfield than Mark Noble too, who he seems to have a loyalty too. I think Noble gets some seriously undeserved stick, although he isn’t our best option, he isn’t a bad player. But poor performances and being persistently played has put serious pressure on him, which he clearly can’t handle.

For me, if Slaven can reach 40 points, and keep us up comfortably, he should be offered another year. He loves the club, and we have seen he can provide success from his first season. He needs to adapt, needs to properly backed and trusted.

Thanks for reading,