Written by Mark Ward @Mark7Ward

Looking ahead to the fixture against the Champions, Leicester City, on Saturday I believe it’s a game West Ham can win and need to win as they have lost their last two fixtures. There are still 10 games to go and these results will determine what sort of season we have had. If we can win half of them I will be happy with that, this would probably put us above half way in the table. This would be satisfactory for the first season in the new stadium.

I was a player but now I am a fan just like the fans who attend our West Ham Way Pre Match Event. It is amazing the difference of opinions there are about every aspect of the game: Managers, Players, Owners, Tactics, Stadium etc and for me that’s the beauty of it all. That’s why the game is loved and is emotional. Our event is full of opinion humour and loyalty from both fans and Ex-Players. I hope to see you there this SATURDAY, our guest the best goalkeeper the club has ever had, the legend Phil Parkes.