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Surely the cheers were not for the prima donna Diafra Sakho on Saturday?  A player who has been on strike for the best part of a year, has had enough time to crash his £200,000 Lamborghini into a woman’s wall after a collision with a Mini Cooper? Has a sulk and refuses to fly with the team? Demands a move and when one is granted, is not even fit enough to pass a medical? We need to shove the spoilt brat out of the door as quick as possible .The man is cancer! How humiliating it must be for Slaven Bilic, to have yet another round of ‘clear’ the air talks with this clown.

His hand was forced because we are bitterly short of strikers. Yet you still get fans making excuses for Sakho. He needs to be ‘loved’, “He needs to have an arm around him “What a load of tear jerking rubbish! Put him on The Jeremy Kyle Show! That’s where he belongs! The love in for Sakho is really difficult to explain. Based on what? A stretch of seven games where he scored six goals in his very first season? A one season wonder in my book.

As a player he is most certainly not the most intelligent of players, certainly can’t spot a pass, poor first touch and is easily forced away from goal. I think his injury record is as bad as Andy Carroll’s if not worse .Yet Sakho‘s injury record hardly ever gets mentioned. His contribution on the pitch when fit, has been nowhere near what Carroll’s is. Certainly not a 20 goal a season man that is for sure.

So where do go from here? The best we can hope for is that Sakho stay’s fit for the rest of the season, scores a few goals and we can shift him in the summer. Providing he can actually bother to turn up for pre-season and get himself fit, and we don’t have the same shambles as when West Brom tried to sign the player. I fear however, that the only way we are going to shift Sakho is to send him out on loan till his contract is up. Probably having to pay part of his wages.

Either way, Sakho will in years to come regret his spoilt brat attitude he has displayed while at the club. He should just speak to another ‘rebel’ Ravel Morrison and ask him how life panned out after he left West Ham.

He is on the virtual scrapheap battling to get into a poor Queens Park Rangers team. Or maybe he should pick up the phone and speak to Yossi Benayoun who despite playing for the likes of Chelsea and Liverpool. Always refers to West Ham as “home” or a special club. Yes, this season has not been what we hoped for and undoubtedly we need to do some shrewd work in the transfer window this summer.

However we need to have a clear out. Easier said than done I know! I am in no doubt that Slaven Bilic, will have the Prima Donna near the top of the list for departure. However it is NOT all gloom and doom. Although not perfect, the performance against Everton indicated that better days lay ahead! The one two between Lanzini and Ayew is what West Ham is all about! Football with a smile on its face. We are more than a football club, we’re a way of life!