Hello Hammers. Here is today’s lunchtime round up.

Vodafone have pulled out of a £20million deal for the naming rights of the London Stadium. (The Guardian)

The Vodafone Arena had a really nice ring to it, but it won’t be happening now. It is a shame, but there will be another big company that win the naming rights. I just hope that they give the stadium a decent name.

Everton are interested in signing West Ham’s star Manuel Lanzini. (The Mirror)

I am very confident that this will not happen. He loves West Ham and we love him, so I do not see him going anywhere. Manu is the future of our club and I see him being here for the long term.

Harry Kane has taken a dig at West Ham over the style of football that they play. (Football Insider)

With all due respect, I really do not care what Harry Kane has to say about us. Concentrate on your own team, mate.

Arsene Wenger has taken a dig at West Ham for their performance against Liverpool. (Daily Star)

I find this incredibly funny. I’m sorry Arsene, but if you had to rely on West Ham, rather than yourselves, in order for you to get a top four place, then you do not deserve to get one.

West Ham are waiting to hear if Pablo Zabaleta will be their first summer signing. (Evening Standard)

As I have said before, I would have preferred someone younger than Zabaleta. However, I am not going to complain if we get him, especially on a free transfer.

Josh King is set to snub West Ham, Spurs and Newcastle and stay at Bournemouth. (Daily Star)

Its good to see loyalty from King, but lets be honest for a second. If any of the three teams came in for him, he would consider. We are all bigger clubs than Bournemouth and a chance to play for a bigger club would tempt him.