Written by Max Reader @reader_max

Robert Snodgrass was a valuable player at Hull, scoring and regularly getting assists for team mates, at one point looked like an exceptional signing in January. Since then Snodgrass has divided opinion amongst the fans, same say he should go where as others want him to have a chance. I feel we should give Robert Snodgrass a chance especially seeing that we forked out £10.2 million on him we must give him until January with the quality he possesses of which we are yet to see.

Over feghouli I feel Snodgrass should stay as he has a difference in playing style compared to other wingers or attacking midfielders within the squad. Snodgrass offers qualities of which some players do not have and qualities we can use to our advantage. Snodgrass is a dead ball specialist who can work well with players such as Carroll or the frequently linked Olivier Giroud. Also, Snodgrass even with a partial lack of pace is a hard worker on the pitch something of which is needed especially when seeing out games and defending from the front. I’m not saying Snodgrass should be a starter but with these qualities in his game he is an excellent player to have in around the squad and the first team. Given time we could have the same Snodgrass that was excellent for Hull not so long ago and in Snodgrass’s words players do not turn bad overnight.

With players, up for sale within the current squad of players I feel feghouli should be the one to leave not Snodgrass. Feghouli has been at West Ham for near enough a year now and has plenty of chances to impact the squad. Even with a couple of goals last season I feel Feghouli is a player we can sell to our advantage rather than Snodgrass for more money especially with the inflation within the current transfer market. Feghouli is younger and lacks as much premier league experience compared to Snodgrass. Feghouli is much easier to replace with a younger signing who could be a sign of improvement by a large margin the likes of both Thorgan Hazard and Adama traore should be signed as young creative replacements.

Another point for keeping Snodgrass is that he is a great personality to have within the squad. He seems to be great mates with the likes of Collins, Carroll and Noble of whom are all big character in the dressing room as well as his experience to benefit younger members of the team. Being Scottish is another beneficial factor within the means of British talent within the squad and premier league rules set.

Finally, I hope you would all agree that Snodgrass with the backing of supporters can play back to his best in the West Ham shirt and provide goals and assists to the team. With a number of signings, I hope this can be another great year for West Ham. Names linked like Giroud, Batshauyi, Hazard, Troare, Ozyakup or lemina to replace Nordtivet and maybe a keeper will be key in allowing players to develop with factors such as squad depth with quality players will help the squad achieve more in various competitions. Back the team this season and we can aim to achieve our hopes for the season! Transfers may be frustrating now but give it time as the only people who are able to conclude business would be our owners, judge after the window has closed and more importantly there is a lot of time left!

Written by Max Reader