Written by Katie Shergold @flump9

I wrote an article last month about who I would sell and keep from the West Ham squad, there were a few players on the sell list, however the player that probably produced most debate was Andy Carroll.  I have always tried to give Carroll the benefit of doubt and defended him to those that would complain about his injury record.  However, my patience has been fully put to the test and I can’t defend any more.  I want him gone from our club.

Whether you agreed that he should be sold or thought that he was too much of a valuable player to lose, after Ex’s confirmation of him being injured again and having yet more operations, I don’t think many will be able to support him much longer.  Are you not all bored of the same old story with him by now?

My reasoning behind wanting him gone from the club, is quite obviously due to his injury record and not his ability.  There is absolutely no doubting his talent, he is a quality player, a constant danger in the box, just as valuable defending in our box and on his day is unbeatable, but sadly he doesn’t often have ‘his day’.  Nevertheless, the real danger is his inability to stay fit and now his complete lack of respect towards the club!  People will argue that he doesn’t choose to be in this position and of course I agree, but at the same time, for such an injury prone player, it doesn’t appear that he is helping himself.  Andy is fortunate enough to have the privilege of being a professional football player, but his attitude appears to be letting him down.  Even if you believe there is no issue with him being out partying until the middle of the morning, surely he should be sensible enough not to pose for photographs, knowing full well that they will end up on social media and just inciting more negativity towards him.  It is just silly behaviour and I can’t imagine what goes through his mind.  I have simply lost patience with him.

The club gave permission for him to have time off and be with his family whilst recovering from his ongoing injury and he decided to go to Magaluf.  Maybe I am wrong to judge, but when you are being paid a crazily high wage and are told by your employer to have time to recover, they don’t expect to see photos of you in a club in Magaluf.  Instead of drinking until the middle of the morning, he should be working on his rehabilitation and showing his desire to get back playing for this fantastic club.  It is disrespectful towards the manager, his teammates, the board, the fans and the club as a whole.  How do the rest of the squad feel now that they are back training and he is enjoying himself partying the night away, whilst being paid 100k per week?  The club must now feel that they are being taken advantage of.

My concern is that no other club is going to take a gamble on Andy Carroll and I do not blame them.  Unfortunately, I think we missed our opportunity to sell him a few years ago and now we have no option but to allow him to continue with us or come to a mutual agreement to end his contract.  I don’t believe the second option will happen and instead I believe we will continue to pay his wages for another two years, with little reward back.

You could debate that now we have signed a proven goal scorer that the pressure will be taken away from him and instead he could be used less frequently, possibly as an impact substitute.  This option could work, but the club are paying him a lot of money for this alternative and for me it is not about his ability any more, it is his attitude.  He needs to show more professionalism and repay everyone for the faith they have shown him…….or leave.

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