We were delighted to be asked as a site to attend a stadium tour organised for West Ham bloggers to help promote these to the public.  As so many bloggers were going I wanted our video to be different and entertaining and I knew both Daisy and Lily would bring that.   The two sisters take a light hearted, fun, yet interesting look at the stadium and all that the tour has to offer.  Daisy also interviews the guests at the pre match events that we run and has written some really good articles for the site too. Please get subscribing to our YouTube channel to see more of her.

At the next event we have Mark Ward shifting roles and being the guest that Dave Walker (host of the West Ham Way Radio show) will be hosting.  I will be there talking about club news (things I cannot usually put in writing) and Daisy will be there to interview guests too.  It would be great if we could see you at the only place where you will get served immediately, be able to drink as much as you like for £25 and get dropped to the station.