Written by Katie Shergold @flump9

One of the main topics that has been discussed this season, is Mark Noble and whether he should still be playing for West Ham.  After seeing so much negativity (honestly I am so tired of using that word when discussing West Ham), I thought it was about time that I gave my verdict on the situation.

There is no doubting that his form isn’t quite up to where he was a few seasons ago, his legs clearly aren’t working as well as they could be and sometimes he just doesn’t bring anything to the game.  He is 30 years old and to be competing at the top of your game week in week out is clearly not easy, but to write him off completely and the hatred towards him just seems completely unnecessary to me.  I don’t believe Noble should be playing every week, but I still believe he is a valuable member of our squad.  His experience and mentality alone is great for our youngsters coming through the ranks and for that reason I consider him an important player.

Some fans have called for him to retire, others have wished injury upon him and a number of them have just given him hordes of abuse.  Regardless of whether you think he should be a first team player anymore, surely nobody can genuinely believe he deserves such negative, callous and offensive comments being made towards him.  It was only last year when many were calling for him to be playing for England and his testimonial match was a sell-out at Upton Park. Noble has been such a loyal servant to the club, playing over 400 games since his debut in 2004.  How can all of that be forgotten?

This weekend we have a huge game at The London Stadium and I have seen a few polls regarding whether Mark should start.  The majority were against him starting, with some rather harsh comments being thrown around once again, however I think Saturday is the exact game that we need Noble to start.  He understands the importance of the game, what it means to the fans and I just know he will be fired up and hopefully be at the top of his game.  If there was one game I would want Mark Noble to play, it would be against Tottenham at home, maybe not for the full 90 minutes but he is a definite starter for me.

Nobody can ever doubt Mark Noble’s contribution, attitude, desire, passion and unwavering loyalty.  Yes, we have probably seen his best days at West Ham and Slav can’t play him every game purely down to his loyalty, but I for one will always think fondly of Noble and I am thankful for everything he has done for the club.  He will always be ‘Mr West Ham’ to me.

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