Written by Katie Shergold @flump9

Dear Mrs Brady

I am writing this as a lifelong West Ham fan who considers herself a fairly rational and levelheaded person.  However, I felt compelled to write my feelings down regarding some of your thoughtless and ill-judged comments that appear to keep happening and how I believe they are compounding the negativity surrounding West Ham United.

This is not going to be a personal attack on you, although I have very different opinions to you on 99% of things I have read, this is purely about West Ham United.  You are undoubtedly an incredibly successful and intelligent woman and I ‘should’ feel that you are an inspiration to women like myself, however for such a successful business woman, can you not see how some of your actions impact on us loyal West Ham fans.  You clearly have no love for West Ham and I do not expect you to, it is not something you just switch on.  For true West Ham fans, it is something that they didn’t choose, it is something we are born into and although we may suffer many heartbreaks we would not have it any other way.  It is not just a game and to us it certainly isn’t a business, it is a huge part of our lives that brings extreme happiness as well as extreme pain – we certainly do not need you causing more pain!

Whilst I appreciate you will not understand any of the above, I believe that an intelligent lady with vast PR experience would know how to behave in the media.  Your actions seem to continuously shock me, do you honestly believe that being quoted as “wanting Tottenham to win the league” (just one day before we were playing them) is an acceptable thing to do whilst you’re CEO of our wonderful club?  Tottenham are one of our biggest rivals, you must have known that would rile our fans up.  It is obviously just a job to you, a business and there is no heart in anything you do regarding West Ham, but it is unfathomable that you could be that clueless, or is it a case of you simply don’t care?

Karren, I do not expect you to have any passion for West Ham, but I do expect you to have enough respect to stop making such embarrassing, idiotic and classless comments.  You plainly view fans as customers, but surely in any business you should treat your customers with respect?  You could not be more detached from the fans/customers if you tried.  Sadly, I do not believe it is anything to do with you being clueless or stupid, but as I suggested previously, you just don’t care.

All you are doing is inciting more negativity and causing further embarrassment to our club and I can’t imagine Max Fitzgerald, Head of Media Relations is enjoying this negative PR (although I am sure he has become accustomed to it now).  You are certainly more successful than me and would probably view me as just another annoying working class football fan, but I ask you to just please stop.

Yours sincerely,

Katie @flump9