Written by @@kaz7289

Hi guys, Been a long while since I’ve wrote an article but wasn’t exactly inspired by anything to do so and didn’t want to waste your time repeating myself BUT now I feel was the right time to do so and hope you enjoy!

It’s been a rough start to the season and although tough I think it was clear we needed change, Slav lost the players, looked deflated and in truth probably should have left at the end of last season. although he did give us some great memories he also created some nightmares but he will always be remembered for his final game at UP and for that I thank him and wish him all the best in the future. Was David Moyes the right appointment? Probably not with names available and certain long term ambitions made by the owners but he knows what he’s doing managing nearly 500 BPL games and in our position with his experience at likes of Everton and Manchester United he may be what we need but whatever we think he is here now and we should 100% support him and sing his name like we did for Slav (even when we were down) as we’re more than a club, We’re a family and like Slav we should respect Moyes unless he gives us reason not to. I am baffled as to why fans are not wanting to come to games because he has been appointed before even starting and already got #MoyesOut trending, I thought we were better than that considering Slav got his name sung even at our lowest points. He wants to join, has something to prove and forgetting views on twitter I listen to people that have worked with him in the past and know him well who can’t sing his praises high enough as a motivator, trainer and person. It might sound like I’m even trying to convince myself that he is the right man and yes he wasn’t very high up on my list of targets but you have to take the positives and at least give him the chance to fail unlike some who already want his head! The club, players and manager need our support more than ever now so this my plea to every West Ham fan, Get behind the team and the manager after this international break because I know I will and am excited to watch us for the first time in a while!

What can we expect from Moyes? I think we will get a man hungry to prove doubters wrong, a fresh face to motivate the players, Someone who will demand respect, organise the team, work them hard in training and get the players back to basics. I do believe in the quality of our players and these have been things we have severely lacked under Slav and need IMO. I’d like to see youth be given a go but in our situation and his current situation I do think it will be low on his agenda even more so going by his history with youth (long term it 100% has to be looked into and improved). Although I welcome Moyes and hope he proves the doubters wrong, No matter how well he does I do still see him as a short term option if the boards “targets” are to be met but do hope he can build the foundations for us to build upon for what we were “promised”.

Thanks for reading hammers, Hope you’ve listened and really get behind the team and manager for the rest of the season making away games feel like home and making our home a fortress because nothing will change certain decisions now and our club needs us more than ever now, Things could get much worst and have been even worst in the past but we have never stopped supporting West Ham because it’s in our blood and we have some of the most dedicated loyal fan base in the world!