Written by @farehamhammer

West Ham fans are angry and want answers, justifiably so. As a fan base we have always been passionate, loyal a ‘broad church’ with many different viewpoints regards our great club. However some of the name calling and the rest, is certainly not helping the cause. Some are called Board ‘haters’ others are called board ‘lovers’. Terms that are simplistic and naive. Last week a group of bloggers went up to meet Mrs Brady. Taking time off work in doing so, simply because like you and I, they deeply love West Ham United. I was rather amazed that fans who were not at the meeting, seemed to know word for word what was said at the meeting. The general assumption was that they were just The Board’s little puppets. Yes some of them may be supporters of The Board, others may agree on some points and differ on others. What most people are missing about these meetings is this, it has kept dialogue open between The Club and supporters which is so important.

There are so many groups and individuals protesting about every aspect of The Club. People with very good intentions, but if supporters hope to influence progressive and lasting change at The Club, there can only be one body representing the supporters. That body must not just represent every aspect of West Ham’s support, but be dedicated disciplined and be ready to influence positive change at The Club. Crucially though anybody hoping to represent The Club’s supporters, must have the full backing of the fans. You have got to start somewhere, and the first step would be setting up a venue of everyone interested in joining the cause, in helping turning things round at The Club. You could do that anywhere: The Boleyn or The East Ham Working Man’s Club for e.g. you would then get a master of ceremonies to run proceedings. Giving chance for people to take the floor to vent their grievances, and equally important to suggest positive changes that could be implemented which The Club would benefit long term.

Towards the end of night, one could ask for suggestions regards getting people nominated to be part of the vehicle of change at West Ham United, change that is desperately needed. Once that is done you have to elect a Chairperson and deputy of the group. You could even co-opt an ex player on to the committee. You could approach Sullivan’s children Jack and David, as well as Gold’s Jacqueline and Vanessa to join the group. A group of people with vastly different viewpoints under the same umbrella, singing off the same hymn sheet. Determined to change things for the better regards West Ham United! Fresh ideas! Moving forward! Granted a few people will be uncomfortable sitting round the same table to begin with, but that’s how you achieve meaningful change and solutions to our problems.

You see it all the time in politics all the time. The Northern Ireland peace accord, the uniting of Eastern and West Germany. And Nelson Mandela talking to his jailers of 27 years in South Africa. Time for leadership, questions, answers, time for the truth and time to put things right! What is the alternative? Everyone ‘claiming’ to represent fans, hurling abuse at each other on Twitter. Having a pop at Gold on twitter, making Sullivan’s children sound like Jon Venables. Yep I am no different! FRUSTRATIONS!!! Is the one!! But deep down do you think that has any sort of impact? Of course it doesn’t!! On the long run it can only have a negative. On the team and The Club itself. I hate saying it knowing my long held anti Board stance but at some point, Sullivan in particular may just say: “This has gone too far, I’m not putting a penny more into The Club” Then start asset stripping The Club. A fate that we have avoided but has befallen on many a Club. Owners that have promised the world but asset stripped a Club.

Yes there have been promises about the next level and the rest and many have mentioned net spend a thousand times over, but the harsh reality is this: Gold and Sullivan own The Club and they can do what they want in a transfer window. They don’t have to spend ONE single penny in the transfer window. Not a pleasant thought but absolutely true. I agree there has been many a false promise, lies and spin, but we have a choice now. He can sing sack The Board every week- which in reality changes nothing. Or elect a body that represents us all, and is the driving force behind a positive change, that through meaningful and truthful dialogue will see our great Club realise its undoubted potential and hold The Board Accountable for their actions. At the same time working with them in a positive way. Time for us to make a difference. United we stand, divided we fall!

We are more than a football Club,

We’re a way of life!!



(Edited by Danny Twigg)