We are delighted to announce the very first FIFA 22 The West Ham Way Cup tournament, which takes place this weekend.

To mark the highly anticipated launch of FIFA 23 (which The West Ham Way has some exciting news to come soon), the online Cup competition is FREE and available for all fans who wish to take part, with limited numbers available.

The West Ham Way Cup takes place on Saturday 17th September at 2pm UK Time and open to any player with either a PS4 or Xbox One/S/X.

Steps to join & setup:

1. Go to https://play.thefedr8tion.com website and sign-up, you will then receive an email to verify your address, click on the link/button in that email and verify yourself and sign back into the website.

2. The tournaments are on the Tournaments page – https://play.thefedr8tion.com/directory

3. Before you register for the chosen tournament either PS4 or Xbox (One/S/X) you need to watch this video and fill out your profile.

&  PS5: https://play.thefedr8tion.com/tournament/J1BXxyuN/ Invite code is 7VW3WJ

4. You will see on the video that it says attach your Discord account. Discord is the free community service The Fedr8tion uses to host the tournaments, where the tournament moderator will be Saturday and all your questions can be answered and help given, plus it links you to your fellow players to run the games.

5. Join The Fedr8tion Discord Server and create a profile at https://discord.gg/eMAF5cfh

6. Go back to your profile on The Fedr8tion website and fill it out and connect your Discord account.

7. Once all done go back to the Tournament page and choose either to play in the 16 team PS4 or Xbox tournament that fits your console – the tournaments are invitation only so these are the codes you’ll need.
https://play.thefedr8tion.com/tournament/52PxhGTN/ Use this code J3L5SY (PS4)
https://play.thefedr8tion.com/tournament/WJw3fnmH/ Use this code GFXDMH (XBOX) it says Xbox One but does include Series S & X consoles.

PS5: https://play.thefedr8tion.com/tournament/J1BXxyuN/ Invite code is 7VW3WJ

8. How to join Tournaments – this video will help you with the above.

9. Any problems – go onto our Discord Server and ask The Fedr8tion Tournament R8 Staff who will help. You will also find a dedicated The West Ham Way Cup FIFA22 Tournament chat room to chat with others and arrange games and see any updates.

10. FIFA 1v1 Standard Single Elimination rulesets. These rules are detailed on the Tournament pages.

11. Read the rules and know when to login and fire up your consoles on Saturday and have a great tournament!