West Ham United’s main sponsor Betway have been fined by the Gambling Commission for a breach in social responsibility rules.

The breach relates to the Betway logo and link appearing on the childrens sections of the Clubs Official Website which breaks a Commission rule, thus resulting in a fine.

The fine sits with Betway however West Ham have made a statement following the ruling:

‘The Betway logo appeared on a web page on the West Ham United website containing content that was targeted at Under 18s. Upon identification, it was immediately removed.

‘The club’s new website, launched in March 2022, has robust systems in place to ensure a technical issue like this will not occur again.’

The sports betting company also made a statement ensuring the breach will not occur again.

‘As a responsible licensed operator, Betway has zero tolerance with marketing to under-18s,’ Betway said in a statement.

‘As one of the first betting operators to remove our branding from under-18s kit and supporter merchandise, we feel very strongly about our responsibility in this area.

‘On this occasion, the Betway logo – owing to a technical error – appeared on a restricted section of the West Ham United website. As soon as we were made aware of this error, we took immediate action to get it removed.

‘Nonetheless, we accept the fine and will continue to work closely with the Club to ensure this does not happen again.’