After a poor start to the Premier League season but positive in Europe so far, I catch up with ExWHUEmployee to discuss the goings on behind the scenes at the club.

Ex there is no escaping this has been a poor start and therefore its hardly surprising that David Moyes is suddenly in the spotlight. What can you tell us about Moyes and the pressure he is under from within the club?

Whilst results have been disappointing and there are already a few people who feel that Moyes should be sacked but myself and more importantly the club feel this is way too early.

I spoke to a top source in the club who told me that there is no better man to turn round the results than the man that has already twice got us out of sticky situations. He is also said to have a lot of credit in the bank after the last two seasons and the board are certainly in no rush to replace him.

Of course ,if we continue to have poor results and fight end up fighting a relegation battle then the board will start to consider things, but for now Moyes’ position is 100 percent safe which I believe is the right stance at this moment.

Do you think pressure has increased following the changes at board level and the substantial money spent in the summer?

I think the board have a right to expect better results this session. We were the third highest net spenders in the summer behind Manchester United and Chelsea so therefore we should be performing better or at least as well as we did last season and at the moment the league table doesn’t show this.

I am convinced that we will turn it around and start to climb the table however and I haven’t hit the panic button yet.

Ex what is the latest you can share in terms of contract renewals? Especially for the likes of Declan Rice, Jarrod Bowen and Ben Johnson?

I was told that the club would start to look at these after the window shuts and I believe offers have started to be be proposed to these players.

Further offers will be made soon in the hope that they all commit to new and longer term deals with an increase in wages for all of them.

There seems to be some positive noises surrounding the recovery of Nayef Aguerd from his ankle injury. What can you tell us in terms of an update?

He is back in training and working on his fitness at the moment which puts him slightly ahead of schedule now. It is thought he will soon move from the gym to the pitches and start to work on his match fitness.

There is a chance now we could see him before the world cup break and for Aguerd at worst he expects to be able to play for his country Morocco in the tournament in Qatar.

Ex another big piece of positive news this week was the return of Mark Noble confirmed to Sporting Director, something you reported back in May. What are your thoughts on the return of Nobes?

I think is is the perfect appointment for the club and I suspect there isn’t a West Ham fan out there who would disagree. Everyone acknowledges what he can bring for the position and it could be argued our poor results in the league this year are because we miss his presence around the place.

He doesn’t start the role until the 2nd January and I bet for many people in the club they will be counting down the days until he returns.

Lastly Ex I wanted to ask about your upcoming book release, that you and Dave Walker have been involved in. It looks fantastic from what I have seen so far and cannot wait to get a copy when its released! What can you share about it?

We teamed up with author and West Ham programme columnist Sid Lambert to bring our memories of the magical, turbulent and quite bizarre decade of the 90’s of West Ham’s history. This was mine and Dave’s first era of being West Ham fans and it couldn’t have been more of a rollercoaster ride!

Sid is a brilliant writer and he is has captured the craziness so well in his writing and Dave and I add our own reflections. This decade saw 3 different managers, bond schemes, bizarre signings, off field incidents, cup semi finals and lower league cup humiliations, 2 promotions, one relegation and even a 5th place finish!

Only at West Ham is there so much to talk about and I think fans of all ages will love the book. Those that lived it will reminisce and those that didn’t will be educated in crazier times. If you buy it now from this link, you get a few preorder bonus features.

We hope you all enjoy a trip down memory lane!