As West Ham seem to be in the process of turning a big corner this season, I catch up with ExWHUEmployee to discuss the latest goings on at the club.

So Ex firstly I wanted to ask your thoughts on the recent announcement by the LLDC, that they’d be open to an agreement with West Ham for the naming rights on the London Stadium. What are your thoughts on this?

I think it would be really good move for the club because hopefully the new naming rights will be able to generate us more income.

That said I do actually quite like the name “The London Stadium” now. I hope whatever the new name is though it has a relevance to our history or identity rather than just being the name of the sponsor for example “The Umbro Stadium” isn’t for me.

However, I do not believe the club will actually pursue this from what I understand.

Nayef Aguerd is stepping up his recovery and as you’ve reported could feature before the World Cup break. If he wasn’t to make the World Cup however, do you think this could serve as a favour to us?

No I think it would be a bonus if he did make the World Cup to be honest Mark.

Whilst obviously I want him fit for our games and I don’t really care about his international team, I think the fact that he could play at least 3 competitive fixtures will be good for him in terms of his match fitness.

Ex one question raised by many fans is surrounding Flynn Downes, and whether he should be selected ahead of Tomas Soucek now after another positive performance in the week. What are your thoughts on this?

I think in the two games he has started he has been man of the match and I thought he was exceptional against Anderlecht. The manager has a real dilemma now because before the Wolves game and on the back of Downes’ performance against Anderlecht i would have said he should 100 percent start against Fulham.

The difference now is however I thought Soucek had his best game for us in a long time against Wolves so I would be tempted to keep Soucek in with Rice and see if he can build on it and get some consistency.

If Soucek is performing in those days first 45-60 minutes I wouldn’t be afraid to take him off and being Flynn on.

Ex it was a very positive result against Anderlecht and one that gives a feeling that we may have turned a corner. What are your thoughts on the game and performance?

With these Europa Conference games, especially away from home, I think it really is a case of get in and get out with a good result.

The performance for me is not as important as it is in other games. With that said I thought we did well, it wasn’t spectacular and the subs made a difference, however it was a great result and one I am really pleased with. If we best Anderlecht at home, the final two games are irrelevant because we would have won the group.

This means we can rest all our first team starters and give the likes of Coventry and Ashby for example the chance to show just how good a players they are.

You and Dave were out there on Thursday night, what can you tell us about the venture?

Our trip to Belgium was very eventful in more ways than one. We will share all this on the podcast but let’s just say it was pretty full on from start to finish!