The West Ham Way are delighted to announce there will be a new FIFA 22 Tournament this Saturday – available to all absolutely free of charge.

As West Ham will not be in action until Monday, we felt it would be the perfect time to get on your PS5, or Xbox One/S/X – and compete for the prestigious and highly sought after, The West Ham Way Cup!

Here are some simple steps to follow to sign-up and take part in either of the two ‘The West Ham Way Cup’ FIFA22 competitions powered by The FedR8tion esports tournament platform this weekend. The tournaments take place on Saturday 22nd October at 2pm UK time and are open to any player with either a PS5 or Xbox One/S/X, the two tournaments are split and those competing in the XBOX version will need to have downloaded the FIFA22 Xbox One version (even if you have the Series S/X consoles, this Xbox One game is free to download if you own the Series S/X version). Unfortunately those owning the Series S/X version can’t play against Xbox One owners, unless they play with the Xbox One version, so the download is necessary.


Steps to set-up:


1/ Go to website and sign-up, you will then receive an email to verify your address, click on the link/button in that email and verify yourself and sign back into the website.


2/ Before you register for the chosen tournament, either PS5 or Xbox (One/S/X) you need to fill out your profile.


3/ You will then need to attach your Discord account. Discord is the free community service The FedR8tion uses to host the tournaments, where the tournament moderator will be Saturday and all your questions can be answered and help given, plus it links you to your fellow players to run the games.


4/ Join The FedR8tion Discord Server and create a profile at


5/ Go back to your profile on The FedR8tion website and fill it out and connect your Discord account.


6/ The tournaments are on The West Ham Way organisation page – Follow this page – any future competitions will be on here – For this week’s ones choose the one you wish to enter


7/ Any problems – go onto The FedR8tion Discord Server and ask The FedR8tion Tournament R8 Staff who will help. You will also find a dedicated The West Ham Way Cup FIFA22 Tournament chat room to chat with FedR8tion R8 Staff, other West Ham fans and arrange games and see any updates.


8/ The aim is to get at least 16 players per Cup competition: FIFA 1v1 Standard Single Elimination rulesets. These rules are detailed on the Tournament pages. If we get more of you who ask to play we can expand the format to 32 players a platform or more. Ask on Discord (The West Ham Way Cup thread) for the quickest reply by The FedR8tion to do this. If we fall below 16 then as long as we have 4 players for each then the tournaments will take place.


9/ Read the rules and know when to login. Login to the tournament at least 20mins before the start of the tournament and again after each game for your next game (very important). Fire up your consoles on Saturday and have a great tournament! Remember it’s all for bragging rights right now and a League will come in November too for more matches, plus if you have FIFA23 then you can create your own tournaments for that or any game on the service.