As we are now facing weeks until West Ham return to action, I catch up with ExWHUEmployee to discuss the goings on at the club as we embark on a winter of World Cup football.

Ex I think it is fair to say things didn’t go quite to plan ahead of the World Cup break for West Ham. What are your thoughts as we now face a 6 week break until we are back to watching our Hammers?

I am excited for the World Cup to begin. It will be nice to watch some football and not have it have any impact on West Ham, other then not wanting out players to get injured.

This is the first time I think I can fully relax not be chasing transfers or team news or anything like that. The first break I’ve had in 10 years of doing this so to speak. The Ronaldo story has obviously dominated the last week but hopefully we can talk about football for the coming ones.

I have to ask about the situation surrounding David Moyes at present. Do the players still back him?

It appears so. I had my question marks over this but the way Declan and other players have spoke about the boss in recent weeks suggest that they do. I believe there will be some players, as there always are, that are frustrated with their game time or treatment but I still believe the dressing room supports the manager.

Alex Kral didn’t pull any punches when talking about Moyes this week, saying he barely spoke to him and is the same with others. What are your thoughts on what our former midfielder had to say?

It didn’t surprise me what he said. It was very clear early on that the manager didn’t really rate him and that he didn’t really see any future for him at the club, despite highlighting him as a talent to look out for in the Euros. I have heard from other players that David Moyes is very selective on who he talks to around the club. I know some players have questioned where they stand before but these are the ones who aren’t playing so I guess that is natural.

Of course when the chips are down the negative stories come and this is the case here. I would be more concerned if Kral still played for the club but it could possibly explain why Soucek and Coufal have suffered drops in form. Is it because they saw how their team mate was treated. I would be surprised but it does beg the question.

Ex can you see the club being busy in January, especially when you consider how the first half of the season has gone?

I don’t think there will be too much business done in January. How much is done will also depend on sales-whether the likes of Ashby and Dawson (who were very close to moving in the summer) do move on this window.

I know we have looked at a couple of centre backs and right backs as potential replacements including Ola Aina the Nigerian former Chelsea player at Italian team Torino – he was very close to signing in the summer window.

Before you go I have to ask your thoughts on the no beer situation at the World Cup. What did you make of that?

Whilst I actually personally don’t have a problem with it, it does seem a bit ridiculous to announce this so late on. It’s always been known that Qatar is a Muslim country, nothing has changed, so why was this just not expected from the start?!

I like to drink at games, especially away games but I am there for the football essentially and could quite easily not drink if those were the rules. It may actually be a good thing and improve the behaviour of our fans abroad in some respects.

I hate to sound like an old man but I can’t stand at away days: having beer thrown over me on the concourse and then standing next to someone who can barely stand up. So from a selfish perspective it wouldn’t bother me but I do feel a decision should have been communicated a long time ago.