There has been lots of recent speculation surrounding the future of David Moyes and his back room staff, with ExWHUEmployee providing an update.

It cannot be denied in any way that this season so far domestically has been a very poor one for all connected with the club, following a summer of significant spend which created high expectations in East London.

West Ham were, prior to the commencement in August, looking a side who could be capable of challenging the ‘Big 6’ again with a highly talented squad which many others would be envious of.

However, from the off in the Premier League this season, our Hammers have fallen way below expectations – looking a side struggling to adapt, gel and play to a system that works.

This has ultimately lead West Ham into a full scale battle to remain in the top flight, with relegation a very real possibility as we enter a crucial period to retain our status in this league.

It has also understandably created much discontent amongst the fans, with many calling for David Moyes to be replaced, although to date the clubs hierarchy have stood firmly behind the Scot.

In recent days, there has again been a lot of speculation in the press that should West Ham lose or even fail to beat Southampton on Sunday, Moyes and his staff would be removed from their posts at the club.

ExWHUEmployee, reporting on The West Ham Way Patreon, has provided an update to clarify the situation as it stands, with the board seemingly reviewing the Moyes’ position on a game by game basis.

“I’m not sure anyone however, even David Sullivan, is accurately able to predict what will happen beyond Southampton at this point,” stated our man-in-the-know.

”The board “back” David Moyes and desperately wish him to remain as manager certainly until the end of the season and potentially beyond depending on the final league position and the success of the Conference League. They believe that there are no 100 percent suitable replacements out there, at this time.

”They are of course concerned about performances which have been described to me as “not good enough” for a while now.

”The manager and the coaching staff are fully aware that they are under pressure. Especially if we were to lose the game against Southampton, they would be stupid to think otherwise regardless of what may have been said to them. If it is the nature of the Brighton performance then I would imagine he would 100 percent be in danger of losing his post. I would even go as far as to suggest a loss could potentially be the end although of course this is a scenario everyone wants to avoid.

”Something to consider is that the club have had 2 weeks now, since the last game, to think of a solution should they dismiss Moyes and perhaps have drawn up a short term solution (internally and externally) and a potential long term one now, but of course wouldn’t publicly admit this.

”The only other factor to consider is that, with the greatest of respect and sympathy David Gold’s side of the shares probably haven’t been able to have their input too much due to the tragic events they have gone through recently. They were always seen as Moyes’ biggest supporters. Whether this would make a difference I don’t know.

”The bottom line for me is they really are taking it game by game with the hope they don’t have to remove him and are praying for a win against Southampton. There does have to be a point however where you draw the line and I think that where that line is will be clearer after Southampton.”