West Ham have had their best start to the season in 24 years, but it’s not getting any media attention and that’s exactly how we want it according to James Jones.

The Hammers have had some unbelievable results already this season. Ten points from four games as well as beating Brighton and Chelsea, fans couldn’t have asked for much more.

Despite this incredible form, the media refuse to acknowledge West Ham’s success, constantly downplaying the achievement. James Jones believes this isn’t such a bad thing though.

“After four games, we’re unbeaten with three wins and a draw,” he wrote in an article for the BBC. “That’s the same record as Tottenham, Liverpool and Arsenal, who are all being labelled as ‘potential’ challengers to Manchester City’s domestic dominance. Spurs are ‘back’ because of Ange Postecoglou. Arsenal are even ‘better’.”

“Meanwhile, it’s being ignored that West Ham’s identical start to the season is far more impressive because three of our opening four games have been away from home,” he argued.

He then went on to speak about how much of an improvement this is from last season, where we only won three games away from home in the Premier League.

James pondered, as many of us do, as to why his club doesn’t get the same respect as those around us. “Perhaps it’s the style of play that isn’t whetting the appetite of the football purists? Or maybe everyone’s just too busy getting sucked into the hype of the so-called big six? Or maybe it’s just because West Ham are not glamourous enough to be acknowledged as a strong Premier League outfit.”

“Either way, the longer it goes on, the better,” he concluded. “We’re quite happy getting on with our business without all the attention and hype. Instead we are just continuing to get better in the shadows of the modern game. That suits us perfectly.”

Undoubtedly, James makes some brilliant points. I’ve never experienced a start to the season with more excitement than this. The mood amongst the fanbase has gone from absolute dread at what was to come, to constant excitement to see what this team can go on to achieve this season.

Despite not having much of the ball, it’s been a joy to watch this counter attacking style of football under David Moyes so far. It seems to have just all clicked amongst the players and, like James Jones said, if the media don’t want to recognise that we’ve had an excellent start then it’s better for us.

While it is annoying seeing headlines like “West Ham go top for a night” rather than just “West Ham go top”, if we can carry on this excellent form past the international break then who really cares what they’ve got to say. Me, James and so many other fans know how dangerous this West Ham side is, if others want to underestimate us it just makes Moyes’ job a whole lot easier. It’s early days but who’s to say this team couldn’t surprise us more than they already have?

By Charlie Bass