West Ham winger Jarrod Bowen has given a very honest account of the current VAR controversy that is once again engulfing football.

The widely criticised system which seems to be a regular big talking point of the game since it’s introduction to the top flight of English football back in 2018, is in the headlines again following a shambolic disallowed goal in the Spurs vs Liverpool match.

Bowen, who he himself was ridiculously deemed to have fouled the Chelsea goalkeeper at Stamford Bridge to deny Max Cornet  fair and deserves equaliser, admits that it has taken the magic out the game, especially when celebrating goals.

“When I score I’m always running past the dugout and I’m always on to Kev Nolan and I always just put my thumb up for him to say, and he’ll be like (indicating yes or no),” Bowen told Sky Sports.

“And it gives you a relief (if it’s thumbs up) because you do kind of second guess now. I think in the moment, unless you look around and the ref has given a foul or the linesman has put his flag up, then you think you can celebrate.

“But it’s almost ‘Am I celebrating for nothing here’.But once I get the thumbs up from Kev (it’s all good). I can ask him for anything. I think I asked him for the Liverpool header last week and there was no chance I was offside but I just wasn’t sure if it was (being checked). You never know what it’s going to get pulled up for, you never know if there’s a foul that’s happened before.”

Bowen though hasn’t called for it to be scrapped and instead feels that it simply needs improving upon.

“It is the main talking point at the minute and hopefully it can get sorted and see what happens from that,” added Bowen.

“But I think we all saw the Liverpool mistake and what happened. I think when you’re a club, if that happened to you, it’s obviously cost you the game at the end of the day so obviously it’s disappointing for them.

“Moving forward I think we just have to keep going how it is and cut out the mistakes.”