Former West Ham Academy player Kaine Wright has been jailed for 3 years, it has been reported.

The former Hammers winger, who now plies his trade with Crowborough Athletic, was found guilty as part of a plot which saw a £1.9million Ming vase stolen from a museum in Switzerland.

It is understood that Wright attempted to sell the piece, with the former player admitting the charges and was sentenced earlier today, it has been reported in the Daily Mail.

“You strike me very much as a Jekyll and Hyde character,” the Judge said to Wright. “You were a very likeable chap when you gave evidence but you lied undoubtedly.

“You are clearly very intelligent. You have a great support network with your partner and your adoptive family.”

In the report it stated that the vase had initially been stolen in Geneva, with Wright aiming to sell the item with 2 other accomplices.

“Former West Ham United youth player Kaine Wright, 26, tried to sell the 14th century artefact with the help of accomplices Leslie Nkhwa, 47, and David Lamming, 31,” the report stated.

“The vase had been stolen during a raid at the Musee des Arts d’Extreme-Orient in Geneva in Switzerland in June 2019, Southwark Crown Court in London heard.”