Will Still dropped hints about a possible move to West Ham United, but there is no suggestion that he is being considered as the next manager.

Anyone who was on social media last season remembers hearing about Will Still’s unbeaten run at Stade de Reims. Since that run came to an end, it seems like the job he is doing with the Ligue 1 club is going a bit under the radar.

Reims currently sit 5th in the league, behind 4th place Lille only on goal difference. With him being a boyhood West Ham fan, and with David Moyes’ future being up in the air, it should come as no surprise that he has been linked with a move to East London.

When he has been asked about what club he would most like to manage, he has made it clear that the Irons would be his first choice. So, when some eager-eyed Hammers noticed Will Still in attendance of their home game against Nottingham Forest, people started to put 2 and 2 together and predicted that he may have been in discussions with David Sullivan.

To add fuel to the flame, he liked a photo of him photoshopped into a West Ham jacket with the caption “@WRSTILL soon…”

With Tim Steidten’s recent appointment, a young manager with fresh ideas might be who the club turn to whenever David Moyes does depart. However, as our own ExWHUEmployee revealed, the club have no intention of sacking the Scotsman anytime soon and it is likely he will see out the rest of his contract, which expires at the end of this season.

So while Will Still might like the idea of joining the club he grew up supporting, chances are he purely liked the photo to show his appreciation for the thought. Of course, when the time does come for a new manager, he may be someone who is considered but there is absolutely no indication that West Ham have made any sort of decision regarding who they want to take the mantle.

By Charlie Bass