West Ham and the LLDC have been dealt a blow after plans to build a Las Vegas style Sphere in Stratford was rejected by Sadiq Khan.

The Mayor of London rejected the plans which would have seen a significant increase in revenue to the area, and in turn helped attract future investment.

Stratford is now regarded as an area on the rise in London following the success and build for the London Olympics in 2012, with further investment continuing as projects continue to surround the London Stadium.

Furthermore, it is understood that finance giant is leading the race to become the naming partner for the stadium, another example of the continuing rise of the east of London in recent months.

However, the decision by Khan to block the Sphere development is a blow, with much excitement by many in the capital of the level of events that could have been held there.

“London is open to investment from around the world and Sadiq wants to see more world-class, ambitious, innovative entertainment venues in our city,” said the Mayor in a statement, as reported by the BBC.

“But as part of looking at the planning application for the MSG Sphere, the mayor has seen independent evidence that shows the current proposals would result in an unacceptable negative impact on local residents.”

It is understood however that Khan does not get the final say on the matter, with Michael Gove now set to have his say.