West Ham midfielder Lucas Paqueta is still under investigation for alleged betting breaches, although confidence is growing according to reports.

The Brazilian international was placed under the investigation by the FA back in August, following reports that suspicious bets had been placed in his native Brazil on the player receiving yellow cards on select fixtures.

Paqueta has denied the allegations, and has been working work the authorities to clear his name, even providing them with access to his phone to do so.

However, according to a report in the Daily Mail by Kieran Gill, there is frustration in Brazil at the length of time the investigation is taking – although confidence is also growing at a positive outcome.

“They interviewed him in September,” it states. “They examined his mobile phone in October. Now into November, the FA are offering no indication of when we can expect an outcome

“Brazilian Football Confederation are frustrated with the speed of the investigation into a player who has long proclaimed his innocence.”

Despite the frustration, the hope from his native country is that a positive conclusion is nearing, although at this stage it is unknown if and when that will be.

“Confidence is growing in Brazil that investigators are struggling to link anything incriminating to the 26-year-old, whose flair and freedom for West Ham has dazzled the Premier League this season, though there will be no celebrations until the verdict is in.”

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