West Ham are home to the two most successful dribblers outside of the ‘big 6’, but one of them will baffle you.

Stats seem to almost always be dominated by and skewed towards players from the traditional big 6, whether it be goals, assists or anything else all you hear about is the same teams over and over again. Well one twitter account is trying to put this right.

TheOther14’s (@Other14The) whole page is dedicated to exclusively putting out tweets surrounding the other 14 teams in the Premier League and just a couple of days ago they put out some stats that will surprise every West Ham fan.

Unbelievably, the top 2 players with the highest dribble success rate are both Hammers (out of everyone who has attempted 24 or more). In second place is Lucas Paqueta with 64.7% of his dribbles completed successfully. This will not come as a shock to anyone really, while sometimes he can be a bit overly flashy, most of the time it seems like it is impossible to get the ball off him.

However, what will come as a surprise is who is in first place because not only are they the top of the other 14, but they’re also top of the whole league when it comes to successful dribbles. It’s none other than Michail Antonio. That’s right, someone who gets slated by fans for his apparent lack of ball control is the best dribbler in the league. 

With a success rate of 65.4% from 26 attempted dribbles, Antonio is marginally ahead of his fellow West Ham teammate and just over 2% ahead of Wolves’ Nelson Semedo in 3rd. 

This may seem like a nothing stat but love him or hate him we need someone who has a similar style of play to Antonio. Maybe scouts should be focusing on a player who is good on the ball, with a high dribbling success rate in January, it might make sense as to why the likes of Haller, Scamacca and Ings have all failed in East London – it certainly seems like that’s the way we need to go.