Jeff Stelling ripped into a West Ham fan for being critical of David Moyes, telling him he needs to “get a grip”.

There is no doubt that what David Moyes has achieved at West Ham is nothing short of miraculous. He’s brought fans three consecutive seasons of European football, as well as a major European trophy. Despite this, a growing portion of the fanbase are desperate for a change in manager to try and push their club to the next level.

Unfortunately, there is no clear answer, it’s just a matter of opinions, but Jeff Stelling clearly thinks those demanding more from a squad full of attacking quality are ungrateful of what they have. On his new breakfast show on talkSPORT, he responded to a West Ham fan who believes Stelling was only backing the Scotsman because “Moysey is his mate,” to which the host responded with amusement.

“I’m thinking, is this the same David Moyes who won West Ham a European trophy and are currently in the top 10 of the Premier League?” The former Soccer Saturday host asked, laughing. “You’re losing your grip on reality for goodness sake. You’re doing brilliantly, ok not at the weekend, but by and large, you’re doing brilliantly, get a grip son.”

While Jeff’s argument certainly is valid, is it really that unreasonable for fans to want more from their club? This is the most talented West Ham side there has been in a long time, why should they settle for a mid table finish? More importantly, it’s a lack of identity and excitement in their football that irritates some – it can just be boring to watch. 

That’s not to say David Moyes can’t play exciting football, we saw how brilliant it can be during his first two/three seasons after rejoining the club but that has just disintegrated over the last two years.

Someone as knowledgeable as Stelling should be able to understand that this is not fans being ungrateful with what Moyes has done for the club, it’s a matter of them believing he’s taken them as far as he can. He’s entitled to disagree with them, and there is a sizeable chunk of West Ham fans who agree, but to say they need to “get a grip” for wanting more from the club they support just shows he does not understand what the real issue is for those who want a change.