David Moyes has said his expiring contract is not a concern to him but acknowledged it could affect the dressing room.

Despite finishing top of their Europa League group, being in the quarter final of the Carabao Cup and pushing for a European place for a fourth consecutive season, David Moyes is a controversial figure at West Ham. Fans are split on whether they need a change to reach the next level, or whether they are overachieving thanks to the Scotsman.

As it stands, those who want him gone may get what they want come the end of the season as Moyes’ contract is set to expire in the Summer. As of right now, there seems to have been no talks on extending his current deal and, while he is not stressed about the situation, he believes that it may have a knock on effect on the players. 

“Knowing what is happening and with people in charge is important [for the players],” The Guardian quoted him as saying. “I am happy to do it and I’ve got a great relationship with the club so I don’t see any reason to panic about it.”

“I’m hugely comfortable with it,” he continued. “I’d work with no contract. The contract isn’t important for me, it’s enjoying the job and as long as I’m hopefully getting enough wins to keep the board satisfied then that is what I have to do. Over the three years we’ve done pretty well.”

It is quotes like that that will really get the fans back on side. Whether he would really do this job for free or not is a different matter, but it is clear that Moyes loves the club.

Interestingly, even though it is said to be a top priority, Moyes claimed that his side does not need to bring in a striker in the January window. “I don’t think we do [need to sign one],” he stated. “We’ve got Bowen, we’ve got Micky Antonio, we’ve got Danny Ings, we’ve got young Divin [Mubama].”

Chances are he is simply saying it to give those players confidence and to show he trusts them. However, he maybe should have considered how they will feel when their gaffer contradicts himself by signing a new No.9.

Some fans, understandably, question Moyes but it is clear that he has every intention of staying in the East End of London. Whether he gets the chance to carry on building his project next season remains to be seen. If he is wants to stay in charge, he needs to go above and beyond in 2024 to prove he is the right man to lead this club to the next level that they are so close to breaking into.