Jack Sullivan has spoken on whether he will take over at West Ham and the possibility of selling the club.

It would be fair to say that the West Ham owners have not always been the most popular individuals amongst the fanbase. That infamous game against Burnley will go down as one of the darkest days in the club’s history but, fortunately, things have gone on to be much more civil between fans and owners.

In reality, you simply can not argue against the fact that they have done an incredible job over the past three or four years. They’ve overseen the Hammers during one of the most successful times in the club’s history. 

Fortunately, it is not just the men’s team that has gone through significant change, but the women’s team too and you have to put that down largely to the work of Jack Sullivan.

However, the 24 year old is no longer in charge of the ladies, though he does continue to have a significant role in the club as a whole. There is a real possibility that at some point in the near future he could take over from his dad, David Sullivan, and lead this club into a new era – something he is keen to do.

“To be totally honest with you hopefully [I take over] at West Ham, and we want to be at West Ham for a long time,” Jack told Spencer Owen on the ‘How to run a football club’ podcast. “That’s where we want to be. We still feel like there’s a lot of unfinished business at West Ham. We still think that we can push it forward. But Karen’s doing a great job and like Tim’s doing a great job. But that’s potentially why I moved out of football because there wasn’t necessarily an easy transition for me into the wider football club.”

“I’m not here to push my way in if people are doing great jobs,” he added.

As much as he would like to play a prominent role in the club’s future, he was very open to the idea of his family selling West Ham to the right buyer.

“We’ve always said that as soon as someone comes along that we think can do a better job than us then we are the stewards for our period of time. But we still think there’s a lot of work we could do and push everything in the right direction.”

Throughout the near two hour interview, the young businessman spoke very openly about running our Irons. It gave a real insight into not just his role, but his dads ownership as well as what they want in the future. Some fans still have their grievances with the owners, even so Jack Sullivan conducted himself brilliantly and may have even opened some eyes.