West Ham coach Kevin Nolan shut down belittling of West Ham on live radio.

Over the past few years, West Ham have been underestimated time and time again. In fact, some would argue it has been extremely beneficial to them. It has caused them to get some shock results and helped them to push up the table discreetly. 

Even in the presence of Hammers coach Kevin Nolan, pundits still forget that West Ham are a top team. On 5 live, Aaron Paul claimed that Aston Villa, Chelsea, Tottenham and Wolves were the only teams that could beat those in the top 3. 

However, Nolan was quick to interject, stating that the Irons should also be mentioned in that conversation. “We’re above all of them apart from Aston Villa at the minute,” he said. This was said before this weekend’s fixtures and things have changed drastically (even then he clearly forgot to mention Spurs) but the point still stands that West Ham are simply not given enough credit.

Unfortunately, our Irons did an awful job at proving his point as they got demolished by Arsenal this weekend. That said, we have beaten them twice this season and on our day we can cause problems for every single team in the league. It may not have been our day against Arsenal, but those players have the quality to make up for that over the rest of the campaign – but being underestimated can only be a good thing.