James Ward-Prowse has been keen to state how actions speak louder than words when it comes to rectifying West Ham’s thrashing against Arsenal.

A poor start to 2024 became an abysmal one for West Ham on Sunday. They were yet to win a game this year and, therefore, expectations were low heading into their match against Arsenal but no one would have predicted what was actually going to happen.

The Gunners absolutely demolished the hosts, winning 6-0 – that’s West Ham’s biggest home defeat in 61 years. 

Understandably, fans were mortified with the result and there is not a single positive they can take away from the game. James Ward-Prowse did not try and talk his way out of the disastrous performance, rather acknowledging the work the team must put in in order to get their season back on track.

“There’s now a good chance to show a reaction and show something rather than just saying a few words,” Ward-Prowse told the official site. “We can all accept losing a game, that happens in football, but I think the way you lose is important and the most disappointing thing is the way we lost the game.”

Not mincing his words, the former Southampton captain does not believe the Hammers “competed anywhere near the level you need to in the Premier League.”

“Of course, they’re a top team who are challenging for the title, but I think they showed us today the level and the detail that you need to win games. You can talk about the tactical detail and things like that but ultimately, as a professional and kid growing up, you’re always taught to compete and I don’t think we did that well enough.”

“When you don’t do that,” he continued, “then it can end up looking like it did and that’s the most disappointing thing from my point of view.”

“I can stand here and give a message and try and say something, but I’ve been a football fan myself and no words could rectify the performance today. I think it’s all about showing, competing, and giving a bit more than what we did today. I can stand here and say something, but I know as a fan you want to see something on the pitch.”

Next time out, West Ham take a trip to Nottingham Forest where they will hope to finally secure their first win of the year. If they do that and build upon it then there is still every chance that they can achieve another season of European football. However, if they don’t, the situation could turn even more toxic than it already is.