Chris Sutton aimed a disgusting comment towards West Ham fans during their 6-0 thumping to Arsenal.

Heading into the new year, West Ham were in a brilliant position to push away from the rest of the teams fighting for Europe but due to a mixture of injuries and AFCON they were unable to do so. Fast forward to today, the Hammers are still yet to win a game in 2024 despite having an almost fully fit squad.

To make matters worse, the East London faithful had to watch their side get torn apart by Arsenal on Sunday. It took 32 minutes for the Gunners to get the opener, but they led by 4 goals to 0 by the time the half-time whistle went.

Understandably, many fans could not bear to watch the gutless performance any longer and had left at half-time. In doing so they missed Saka getting a second and Declan Rice painfully adding a sixth. However, according to Chris Sutton you’re not a “true football fan” if you left early.

“True football fans don’t leave the game at half-time,” Sutton posted on X.

He doubled down on this claim on BBC 5 Live Sport. “There were hundreds and thousands who left the stadium at half-time, the team was 4-0 down. But that’s not a true fan is it? You’re not a true football fan, you’ve got to support your team through thick and thin, get behind your team! You can’t leave at half-time and then say ‘Well I’m a Hammer’.”

“You’re not a Hammer if you leave at half-time to go home, I’m not having that.”

While he is no doubt saying these things in a bid to be relevant, it is utterly disrespectful to suggest that anyone is not a proper fan for leaving early. Who does he think he is to try and define what a ‘proper’ fan is? 

Coming from someone who could not even put his country above his own pride, it really is a baffling thing to come out and say. Those fans that left early paid their money for their ticket, if they want to leave then they have every right to do so after that performance.