Will Still has seemingly sent an invite to West Ham to approach him if they get rid of David Moyes.

Seemingly anyone who pays attention to football knows Will Still. He may not have managed a ‘big’ club but the impact he had on Reims has been huge.

Given that he is a boyhood West Ham fan, and the fact he has been very open about his desire to manage the club he supports, it should come as no surprise that he has been linked with a move to the London Stadium already.

Amazingly, it seems like he has dropped yet another hint at West Ham in a recent interview. “It was a lot of noise for something that never really happened. There has been interest, I’m not going to lie about it. I’d rather be open and honest, and I think I was. We’ve had interest. People have wanted to talk to us. This is the reality of the situation,” he told The Athletic.

“I’ve been abroad all my life, and I’ve been working in an environment that isn’t quite mine all my life. And I just want to come home.”

While “home” could refer to any club in England, surely this could be interpreted as wanting a move to the Hammers. However, he did not limit his options stating that “if there’s a Championship club that’s ambitious, that wants to work in the right way and be open and honest about things, and really try and push to get somewhere, then I would love to do that.”

“Obviously, the Premier League is the ultimate dream for any manager in the world. I’m not in a rush, either… I’ve never really had a career plan. I’ve never set a timing on anything. I’ve just waited for opportunities to come up; see how it feels, see what it’s like.”

Still is still a fairly inexperienced manager but without risk there is no reward. What he has done with Reims speaks volumes and his style of play could suit the players at West Ham’s disposal to a tee. Whether Sullivan will take that risk is a different matter.