Brentford manager Thomas Frank has been left baffled with the criticism of David Moyes and claims that “he deserves more credit”.

While some have been wanting David Moyes gone for some time now, the last two games seem to have turned the majority of West Ham fans against the Scotsman.

The main cause of this is the style of football they play. Inherently, the counter-attacking can be extremely exciting when done right, however, things have been lethargic, boring and predictable at West Ham for a while now.

On the other hand though, despite their winless start to the year, the Hammers have been extremely successful in recent times. Even with their recent form, they are still in an excellent position to secure another season of European football leaving some baffled with the East London faithful’s fury. One such person is Brentford manager Thomas Frank who does not believe Moyes gets the respect he deserves. 

“I know Moyes quite well. I like him as a person and as a coach, but even taking that aside and looking at the bigger picture, I think he deserves more credit,” he explained ahead of the Bees’ visit to the London Stadium. “There are always spells in a season where things are not going the right way and there are a lot of factors that are causing that issue.” 

“It could be because of the head coach or manager – we have lost some games, it could be because of me – it could be because the players have not performed. It could be because of injury, because of scrutiny from the outside, because of some problems internally, some leadership, there are so many things affecting that.”

As any manager would, Frank encouraged West Ham fans to look at what his Premier League colleague has achieved rather than the form. “That said, I think he (Moyes) has done a top job, there is no two ways about that. They won a European trophy last year. Every team has a spell throughout the season when they are not perfect, maybe West Ham are going through that spell now.”

“I don’t really get it (the pressure). I think under Moyes they have been finishing fifth and sixth, or sixth and seventh, I can’t remember exactly, but (that is) unbelievable”