Tim Steidten has reportedly been looking for West Ham’s next manager where you would least expect it.

Tonight’s game against Brentford could be huge in deciding whether David Moyes is still in charge of West Ham next season. While the Hammers are just 3 points off the top 7, they really should have been in 6th and ahead of the rest of the pack considering their position heading into 2024. Unfortunately their winless start to the year means they are at a real risk of sliding further down the table in the next few weeks.

Given the woeful form they’re in, the atmosphere around the club has changed significantly. Moyes has gone from being almost certain to be offered a new contract to there being real doubts as to whether he will even see the end of his current one.

As a result, Tim Steidten has been tasked with drawing up a list of potential replacements for the Scotsman and, according to journalist Dean Jones, it is not just the big names that the club will be looking at. 

“Even if it’s not going to be a huge name, perhaps like Thomas Tuchel, they want a manager with proven pedigree and specific traits, particularly in coaching, that is going to fit with the vision that they have going forward,” he explained to GIVEMESPORT.

“Tim Steidten is going to be integral in picking the manager that comes in next, and he is exploring options at the moment. I know that he is looking at quite a few coaches from the Bundesliga.”

“I’m also told there are a couple of options in South America as well, so it’s not as simple as just going and looking at managers that have done pretty well in the Premier League recently.”

It makes sense that the German would be looking at more obscure candidates; the success of Brighton, for example, makes it incredibly appealing. Admittedly though, it could be extremely risky.

Obviously, Steidten will be wanting someone who is more of a head coach rather than a manager in order to allow himself to do what he does best. While he is certainly experienced enough to make a brilliant decision, it is one that he has to be absolutely positive he has got right. Whoever comes in next will be following up one of the most successful periods in the club’s history, yet they will be expected to take them even further – it is going to be an incredibly tough task, especially if they have never managed in Europe before.