Dharmesh Sheth believes that West Ham could look abroad to find David Moyes’ replacement due to structural changes.

For the last two seasons, West Ham fans have been divided on whether David Moyes is the right man to take the club forward. Some believe that he is overachieving and is the reason for the Hammers’ success, while others claim that they should be doing better with the individual talents they have in their squad.

However, despite his contract expiring in the Summer, we are still none the wiser as to whether he will be in charge next season. Instead, both the club and Moyes will make a decision at the end of the campaign.

In the event that he doesn’t stay, it is absolutely pivotal that West Ham get the appointment spot on and, to do so, friend of The West Ham Way Dharmesh Sheth believes they may bring in someone from Europe.

“If David Moyes is to go,” Sheth began explaining to GIVEMESPORT, “I wouldn’t be surprised if someone like Tim Steidten scoured the European market and maybe brought in a manager that is very well versed in how a European football team is run with a sporting director and a structure, as opposed to the almost old school manager that David Moyes is, who wants a little bit more control on all recruitment matters at the football club, which in fairness, he has had in his second stint at West Ham United.”

“But because West Ham have decided to move towards this more European structure, I think it will be quite a big decision they will have to make, and Tim Steidten will probably be at the centre of that.”

Who exactly they will choose to bring in is still a complete mystery, but taking a risk on someone may just be their best bet – especially with the completely new structure they are implementing.