Tim Steidten is once again going to attempt to find West Ham’s next bargain by once again scouting Brazil.

It was well documented that West Ham were keen on signing a number of players from Brazil last Summer. Unfortunately, for one reason or another, none of these moves materialised.

However, according to Claret and Hugh, Tim Steidten is still keen on searching the South American country as the league has plenty of players with incredibly high ceilings for extremely cheap.

While his work brought West Ham the closest to signing one of these players, the news site reports that it was actually Rob Newman who started to build the connections over in Brazil – Steidten has just built upon them.

While there are a number of success stories when it comes to signing players directly from Brazil, it also comes with massive risks. The leap from even the best teams in Brazil to the Premier League is absolutely massive and not everyone is up to the task. With big risks come big rewards though, and the potential return on investment could be astonishing. Look at Martinelli, Arsenal signed him for just £6 million and now he would probably cost a team around £80 million.

If Steidten gets the recruitment right, it could result in the Hammers signing the next Brazilian star – he just needs to make sure they can replicate their talent at a higher level.