A pundit who has continuously slammed West Ham fans for wanting David Moyes gone finally changes his opinion.

When those West Ham fans who want a change of manager mention their opinion, it’s always met with the same response; “be careful what you wish for.” It suggests that they should not dare to aim higher and that they should just be satisfied with where they currently are.

Unfortunately, football is not that simple and, while getting rid of Moyes could be the wrong decision, they won’t know that without taking a risk. In reality, whether it is right or wrong from a footballing perspective, the Scotsman’s position is becoming untenable due to the toxicity around the club.

Thankfully, those fans who were ridiculed just weeks ago for their opinion are finally getting some backing from pundits who were once slaying them for their opinions.

Arguably the most vocal of the “Moyes in” reporters was Jeff Stelling. On his talkSPORT show, he has repeatedly told fans things along the lines of “get a grip of yourself”. However, his views seem to be shifting slightly after the Hammers’ 5-2 defeat to Crystal Palace on Sunday.

“It was just a shocker of a performance,” the former Soccer Saturday host stated. “I’m not having this stuff that Moyes says we’re without Jarrod and a couple of the defenders. They had Paqueta, Kudus, Antonio, Alvarez, Ward-Prowse, Soucek, Zouma and Coufal. On the bench, they had Phillips, Areola, Ings, Cornet and Cresswell. So I don’t think that’s a great excuse.”

These constant excuses from Moyes are one of the main reasons fans have become so frustrated and it’s great to hear that the wider footballing world are finally starting to realise it.