Kalvin Phillips is reportedly failing to impress in training due to his awful attitude and lack of determination.

Since joining West Ham, Kalvin Phillips has been incredibly open and honest about how his mental health has been affected following his departure from Leeds. Apart from financially, there is not a single way moving to Manchester City has benefited the midfielder.

His loan to the Hammers was meant to be his opportunity to get his career back on track but, unfortunately, it has only derailed it further. He just has not been anywhere near the levels required to be playing in the Premier League and whether that was a physical or mental block remained unknown. However, a recent report from Football Insider may have given us a little bit of insight into what went wrong.

Surprisingly, they claim that coaches have been “taken aback” by how poor his attitude has been. They claim that “he has seemingly lost interest in playing Premier League football,” which is how it looks every time he steps on the pitch.

Obviously, it is unlikely that this has always been the case because, at the start, he seemed to be doing everything right except when it came to matches. His confidence must be at an all time low after what he’s been through and you have to feel sorry for him.

Phillips has gone from being England’s player of the year to being West Ham’s worst player in 3 years and, therefore, it is almost certain that his loan will not be made permanent. He is clearly going through a lot and hopefully he is able to get over that wherever his career takes him next.