A West Ham star could find himself in hot water with UEFA due to comments made following his side’s elimination from the Europa League.

On the whole, West Ham fans have made a great example of themselves over the past few years. Unfortunately, there’s been a few times where they’ve let themselves down. Rice’s comments after the Frankfurt tie, the cup being thrown during the Conference League final and fighting come to mind.

However, one of West Ham’s star players could face a ban due to his comments after the Hammers were defeated on aggregate by Bayer Leverkusen, according to The Mirror.

Michail Antonio has never been afraid to speak his mind. His podcast is certainly controversial due to that, but sometimes a lot of good comes out of his mouth. In particular, his recent openness surrounding his struggles with mental health was heartbreaking yet refreshing to hear. His comments after the match though were perhaps better unsaid though.

”I felt like I didn’t get a decision all game. I felt a bit frustrated. We felt like we deserved more. Sometimes the decisions don’t go your way. We move on, build on that and try to get into the Europa League next year.”

“It doesn’t feel like you’re playing against 11 men, it feels like you’re playing against 13 or 14 including the two linos. You have to keep pushing and try and make the decisions go your way, but they just weren’t. We had to keep playing our way and keep being professional.”

While it was an absolutely bizarre and borderline scandalous display from Jose Maria Sanchez, as a professional footballer you simply can’t come out and say those things. He may have been praised by the East London faithful for it but he now risks being unavailable for the Hammers future European games – assuming he is still at the club when they next qualify.

His anger was just, but that doesn’t mean you come out and say it publicly as it just harms himself and the club going forward.